Belapur: Members of the Parsik Hill Residents’ Association took great initiative to re-plant most of the 30 big trees on Parsik Hill uprooted by stormy winds early this month. Over 550 trees were uprooted all over Navi Mumbai.

These residents have a social bonding with these 10 to 15 years old trees, which they themselves planted and nurtured. Hence it pained them to see them fallen, stated Jayant Thakur, president of the association. Taking utmost care, pruning the trees, using a crane and tying with ropes, the residents re-planted the trees in the same place from where they were uprooted.

The residents keep a watchful eye to prevent some people who cut the trees nurtured by the residents for several years for cooking purpose and feel helpless, when even the municipal corporation cannot stop this illegal felling of trees. Residents are demanding strict action to stop this destruction of nature and the resultant possible mud-slides during monsoons due to this denudation.

This year the residents planted 50 flowering trees of one colour on one stretch in June in the presence of legislator Prashant Thakur and they plan to plant 150 such trees during the year. The residents intend to plant one specie of trees leading to each turn up the naturally endowed hill, so that uniform coloured trees will adorn the trek up to each bend leading to the hill top. The various plants are planted after they grow to a height of 7 to 8 feet, to ensure their proper growth. The selected flowering trees that will make a vibrant, radiant landscape on the road to Parsik Hill will include, Peltophorumpterocarpum (Yellow Flame), yellow and white Sonchafa (Champa), red and yellow Gulmohur and others, informed Jayant Thakur.