Vashi: This parking plaza near Vashi railway station, adjoining Tunga Hotel, was built several years ago, not for parking vehicles, but allegedly to scandalously give Occupancy Certificate to Tunga Hotel, here.

Presently, vehicles can be seen parked all round this 2-storeyed structure built as a parking plaza, but not a single vehicle is parked in this deserted parking place.

An NMMC corporator informed this newspaper that the structure was built by the hotel as a condition to get the hotel’s O.C. approved. Later, it was revealed that the structure was built on CIDCO land and hence NMMC or the Hotel had no right to grant the O.C. or construct the parking building respectively.

Strangely, this ghost structure is neither being cleaned or maintained in a city that holds the pride of officially being the cleanest city in the State and the 3rd cleanest in the country. Neither the Central or State Sarvekshan survey team are privy to such unclean spots in the city nor the elected representatives choose to voice their concerns against this white collared crime of the bureaucracy.

It is indeed strange in a city where occupied houses are demolished for being illegal, but this structure continues to mock at the powers that be in Navi Mumbai unabashedly.