Overwhelming response from the Mumbai city and beyond; as over 1200 cyclists supported the Cyclothon in Hiranandani Powai to help create an awareness about global warming on Sunday December13th. From cycling groups, to senior citizens and young students all joined with full strength to cycle and cheer the cycling revolution created in the city. The Hiranandani Complex at Powai and the commandoes provided a safe and good green environment for the cyclists. Ofcourse, the Dabbawalas stole the show!

The Dabbawala association has tied up with the Young Environmentalists NGO to conduct a series of cyclothons in the city too. Says Subodh Sangle,co-ordinator of the Dabbawala association, “We the Dabbawalas are happy to partner with Young Environmentalists Programme for the Cyclothon series in Maharashtra to drive home the message that we are true management environmentalists in every sense, as for the last 125 years we have been cycling to deliver lunches with precision, contributing zero pollution while cycling. We carry on the legacy that we in India are eco friendly and must pass on our tradition to the next generation.”

Supporting the event says Niranjan Hiranandani, chief of the Hiranandani Group, “’We at the Hiranandani Group are pleased to promote cycling for the community in our complex, because we believe in world class residential complexes which promote health, fresh air and good alternative transport. We created these roads and bylanes almost a quarter of a century ago, exactly 25 years ago keeping in mind future needs and happiness of community living. We wish the Cyclothon by Young Environmentalists all the very best. We welcome all the cyclists from all over India to our home!”

Cyclist Vinod Rawat who cycles with his Jaipur foot, a rubber based prosthetic limb supported the cause and motivated hundreds at the campaign to fight for climate change. Vinod shared, “I am getting set for a cycling world tour, which motivates hundreds of young cyclists to dedicate themselves to cycle more. I am proud of the cyclothon at Hiranandnai Gardens, Powai Mumbai which has created a ripple in the cycling world.”

In a congratulatory letter the Education and Sports Minister of Maharashtra Shri Vinod Tawde extended his support towards the Cyclothon organized on December 13th at 6.30am at Heritage Gardens, Hiranandani Powai by the Young Environmentalists Programme trust, saying, “The hard work and diligence shown by Young Environmentalists towards Climate change and environment interactive education is exemplary. I am pleased that the Cyclothon which is organized by the Young Environmentalists will highlight the eco friendly virtues of cycling and reach masses.”

Divya Tate world class cyclist who has been cycling for the last 24 years graced the cycling carnival. Divya is India’s first Super Randonneusse (Female) 2011 as well as the only female participant to qualify for PBP, a 1200 km ride in France in 2011. Also the first Female Double SR in India, by completing the entire series again in Jan 2013.

Also gracing the occasion was Prasad Erande, the title holder of  the Guinness World Record and longest Journey by bicycle in single country will also grace the occasion among many other veterans in the cycling field. Prasad is the first Indian who participated in the World Cycle Race 2014. Over fifty students who cycle to school were felicitated thus motivating the student tribe to cycle more.

“Each one needs to do their bit to curb carbon and pollution. In Mumbai this is a call out to fight climate change, specially among the youth. The citizens and students must have right of way to cycle ,” Says Elsie Gabriel, Mentor of Climate Reality Project trained by former vice president of USA Al Gore, and founder Young Environmentalists Programme, “We have started promoting the campaign “cycling to school and college” and are coming together to formulate how traffic jams outside schools and colleges can be done away with, specially with hundreds of cars flooding the gates of city schools daily. We are discussing local strategic points for climate change mitigation. In a few days the world meeting in Paris for the COP21 where nations decide how we can all fight the rising temperatures, will be over. But then what? Powai in Mumbai is leading to show the way among the youth about climate change. Cycling is at the epicenter of changing our auto motive world into a living, sustainable organism which benefits both the environment and their citizens.

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