When the intensity of the narrative becomes that much more potent and addictive

Name of the series – Out of Love (Season 2)

Platform – Disney+Hotstar

Number of Episodes – 5

Cast – Rasika Dugal, Purab Kohli, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Sanghmitra Hitaishi, Harsh Chhaya, Ekavali Khanna, Suhaas Ahuja, and Kabir.

Director – Oni Sen

Rating – 3.5/5

The Story

‘Out of Love’ season 2 is an extension of the season one. The series is an adaptation of the prominent British series ‘Doctor Foster’, that aired on BBC. The earlier season left us at Dr. Meera Kapoor (Rasika Dugal) discovering that her husband Akarsh Kapoor (Purab Kohli) is involved in an illicit affair with Aalia (Meenakshi Chaudhary), a woman half his age. After all those games and spy moves, Akarsh gets his way, and has to dissolve his marriage with Meera, leaves his son behind and moves to Delhi with Aalia. All is well and peace is restored. Its been three years, and Meera peacefully co-exists with her family and friends in the quiet country side in Coonoor, when one day she suddenly receives a text from her ex-husband. The text leaves Meera wondering about why has he come back? And what’s his next plan of action. While Akarsh has strategically planned on destroying Meera what we will probably see is how will Meera single-handedly strike back, and put Akarsh in his place.

The Review

Rasika Duggal is an actress of par excellence. Her personality as Dr. Meera Kapoor is even more pronounced in the second part. Purab’s chagrin and need for revenge is underline with his calm but demur mannerisms. Yet, he is confident about winning his friends over once he gets back to Coonoor. His role distinctively traverses between the shades of grey and he has essayed that underlying darkness with absolutely intensity and panache. Abhi who plays the role of Arkash and Meera’s teenage son, is riddled with confusion. He has convincingly played the part of the teenager who actually doesn’t dwell on any logic while making any decisions.

 The play of light in the queer region of Coonoor, is very telling of the times and the mood of the plot. When we see Rasika in the light of helplessness, it keeps wanting viewers to know more about how will Meera Kapoor bring herself back to fight out the tricky mess that Akarsh lands her in, and how will she get her son to come back to her.

The plot is very predictable at the start of the season, and director Oni sen has added cadence to the plot lifting its stance wonderfully from where Tigmanshu Dhulia last left us.

The dialogues are easy to comprehend and the language has been toned down considerably. There is a very loose use of alcohol. Showing a young fifteen year old lad in a drunken stupor doesn’t come across as a very responsible move. Moreover, when Meera is trying to stop her son from getting in that state she herself gets swayed by the influence of wine. Also Arkash makes no effort to stop his son from taking the glass. Teenagers sipping on champagne, wine or beer is a very common practice. However, showing it explicitly on a platform that casts a rather commendable influence on these kids isn’t a very good idea.

The levels of violence become even more potent, as the plot progresses. Yet, overall can fall under the ‘MUST WATCH’ umbrella.