Excellencies, Hello!

Due to COVID-19 we had to postpone the India-EU Summit in March. The good thing is that today we are able to meet through virtual medium. First of all, I express my condolences for the damage caused by Coronavirus in Europe. Thanks for your initial comments. Like you, I am also committed to deepen and deepen relations between India and the EU. For this we must adopt a long-term strategic perspective.

Along with this, an action-oriented agenda should be created, which can be implemented within the stipulated time frame. India and EU are natural partners. Our partnership is also useful for peace and stability in the world. This reality has become even more evident in today’s global situation.

We both share universal values ​​like democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, respect for international institutions, multilateralism, freedom, transparency. After COVID-19, new problems have arisen globally in the economic field. This requires greater cooperation between democratic nations.

Today, both the health and prosperity of our citizens are facing challenges. There are a variety of pressures on the rules-based international order. India-EU partnership can play an important role in economic reconstruction, and in building a human-centric and human-centric globalisation. Apart from the current challenges, long-term challenges like climate change are also a priority for both of us.

 In our efforts to increase the use of renewable energy in India, we invite investment and technology from Europe. I hope that through this Virtual Summit our relations will gain momentum.

Excellencies, I am pleased again for this opportunity to talk to you.