Odisha has become to be the first state to amplify the ongoing lockdown till April 30. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik of the State said, “At this crucial juncture, one has to decide between protecting the lives of people and economic activity.” In the meantime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to be in support of expanding the restriction stage over the nation. He will be meeting the Chief Ministers on April 11 for an interview, after which the last call is likely to be taken.

K Yatish Rajawat, CEO at Centre for Civil Society stated, “The decision in the time of Covid19 is not between lives or livelihoods, they are interdependent and decision cannot be taken in tranches.  All decisions can also not be taken by the state, the lockdown has to give back the freedom to #market to operate and prioritize. The protocol, precaution, and geographical location can be prescribed but the shutdown of the economy cannot be as long as the lockdown. As the virus is not going to disappear because of the lockdown but the economy will certainly do. Read the article explaining the trilemma of the triumvirate and understand what lies ahead and what can be done. Do share and give feedback it’s a WIP work in progress.”

Sudhindra Kumar Lenka, HR professional said, “Guys, be ready for a possible stretch of nationwide lockdown till 30th April. Odisha Govt has already implemented the lockdown till 30th April, schools, and colleges will be closed till June 17th. Odisha has a relatively less number of patients ie 44 compared to other states till now.”

In the meantime, here’s what states are doing:

  • Delhi, Odisha, and UP have made masks obligatory for individuals venturing out of their homes. It is additionally obligatory in Mumbai.
  • Delhi plans to conduct 1 lakh irregular test in hotspot zones.
  • With the finances crunched, state governments are borrowing at more extreme interest rates.
  • Several parts of Pune have been sealed as authorities suspect a community spread.
  • Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh have started home delivery of FIRs for lockdown violators.
  • Mizoram has launched a COVID-19 mobile app and farmer’s helpline.

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Soumya TS, Social Media Specialist, Chennai  focused on how the committee suggests the withdrawal of the lockdown should be implemented:

A district will qualify for Phase 1 relaxation from April 15 only if it has not had more than one case in the week starting April 7. The district should have had no more than 10% increase in the number of persons under home surveillance and it should not have any hotspots between April 7 to 15.

There will be several relaxations and restrictions

  • No person shall travel outside the house without wearing face masks or id cards.
  • Private sector can work with 25% attendance but needs to provide masks and sanitize.
  • Only one person per house will be allowed outside the house at a time
  • No person above 65 with any history of comorbidity (hypertension) etc shouldn’t move out
  • Private vehicles should be restricted under an odd-even scheme and no vehicle movement during Sunday.
  • No gathering for any purpose more than five persons & no religious
  • Marriage and funeral not less than 10
  • No rail or air movement
  • State borders remain closed
  • Supermarkets, malls, theatres, bars etc to be closed
  • All shops to be closed ( jewels etc)

For Odisha’s locals stranded in other states owing to the across the country lockdown, CM Naveen Patnaik said, “As regards people from Orissa who are stranded in various parts of the country, our intervention for their well-being will be through the concerned state governments. Odisha will take care of all the people who are stranded in Odisha.”

The Odisha Government will moreover take uncommon measures for different segments. Exercises related to agriculture, animal husbandry, and MGNREGS will be encouraged amid the lockdown period taking after social distancing standards.

CM Patnaik also added, “As has been stated earlier, there will not be any problem in the transport of goods. We are leaving no stone unturned in scaling up COVID-19 testing and treatment facilities. We propose to conduct one lakh rapid tests in the state at the earliest possible time.” In the interim, educational institutions in the state will remain closed till June 17.

The total number of confirmed cases in Maharashtra has reached 946 where the recovered numbers are 117 and deaths have been 72.