As guaranteed by the newly appointed metropolitan commissioner, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) has sloped up testing within the past 15 days. From 400 tests per day, the number has gone up to 3,000 tests, counting quick antigen tests — coming about in a gigantic diminish within the Test Positivity Rate (TPR).

The corporation’s own lab is additionally prepared to conduct tests and is holding up for ICMR’s nod. Navi Mumbai, one of the major cities within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), has seen a tremendous surge in COVID-19 cases in June 2020 after the relaxation of the lockdown. The city was put in the lockdown of different intensity between June 26 and July 19, its civic commissioner Annasaheb Misal was replaced by Abhijeet Bangar on July 14 with the agenda of tackling of growing infection. In the midst of low testing, COVID-19 was spreading fast.

“Rapid antigen tests began in Navi Mumbai on July 16. Now we are conducting 3,000 tests per day,” said an NMMC official. “In 15 days, we have conducted 16,320 tests and the number will increase every day,” he added. Another relief for the city is the major decrease within the TPR within the 15-day period. According to NMMC information, the TPR on July 15 was 55 percent. With expanded testing, it has moved forward to 22.06%. A low TPR shows satisfactory testing. To further reduce it, the NMMC will presently follow 22 to 24 close contacts of every positive case.

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Navi Mumbai has added up to 16,107 COVID-19 cases, out of which 4,818 are dynamic. Its recovery rate is 67% though 431deaths have brought the mortality rate to 2.67%. “We are particularly centering on 46 small scale Crown hotspots which we have recognized and put under lockdown till August 31. We are testing each person with co-morbidities and keeping an uncommon list of residents and taking after up with them,” said Abhijeet Bangar, NMMC commissioner.

“This effort is to reduce the mortality rate, we all have resolved to bring it down from 2.67% to 0,” he added. “Our own lab is also ready to test 1,000 samples per day, and is awaiting the nod from ICMR,” he added.