Belapur: The Covid 19 vaccination campaign started across the country from January 16 has also started at 4 centers in the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area and on the first day 313 and on the second day, 237 health workers have started a good start.

The first vaccine doctor at all four centers started their regular work immediately after a half-hour inspection period and worked with the same capacity throughout the day. Hence, this vaccine is very safe and everyone who has received the message of the date and time of vaccination registered on the government portal, should take the Covid-19 vaccine and protect themselves, Municipal Commissioner Shri. Abhijit Bangar

According to the government instructions, doctors, nurses and other health workers are being vaccinated in the first phase of Covid -19 vaccination. Considering the experience of health workers with vaccinated so far, some of the trumpets usually feel like they have some fever after any vaccination. But this amount was extremely limited compared to the number of vaccinated. No vaccinated person found serious symptoms.

The vaccination campaign has been launched only after the government has fully assured the safety of the vaccine at various stages before starting vaccination. Health workers fighting Covid across the country are taking vaccine in the first phase. India is not the only country that has started vaccination but vaccination is going on all over the world. Hence, the commissioner has appealed to take vaccine when you have vaccination without any fear and without believing any rumors.

Vaccination campaign will be registered first on the government portal. After that a mobile message will be sent with information about the day and place of vaccination. That day it is necessary to go to the right center and get vaccinated.

Though the number of corona infected has decreased in comparison to the month of June, July, August, the whole country has seen a new strain of COVID in many countries in Europe. The amount of Covid victims there is also high. So, even if the number of Corona affected is in control today, it is not possible to explain how this situation will be. In this situation, the COVID -19 vaccination has started, it is a great relief and if this vaccination is given to the maximum population in the least time, many problems of the future can be avoided. Hence, the commissioner has appealed that everyone should get vaccinated.

In the instructions regarding Covid vaccination, it is a completely safe vaccine for people over 18 years, pregnant mothers and breast mata should not take vaccine. Similarly, there are instructions to inform the doctors at the vaccination center about what medicines we are taking before the vaccine. Vaccine should be taken twice in a 4 week phase, which will create antibodies in the body and will be protected from Covid-19 virus. Hence, Municipal Commissioner of Municipal Corporation appeals to do vaccination without any doubt in order to get protection from COVID.