Coordination meeting of concerned officers of CIDCO and Municipal Corporation

Belapur: Following the continuous demand of persons with disabilities for providing space for self-employment, the Municipal Commissioner Shri. Abhijeet Bangar directed a joint meeting of the concerned officers of CIDCO and the corporation to complete the process of transferring the stall space from CIDCO to the corporation within 10 days. He also directed that the process of requesting space for new stalls for the disabled should be completed as soon as possible.

On this occasion, Shri. Gajendra Jangam, Social Service Officer Shri. Deepika Ghude and Area Officer Shri. Deepali Naidu as well as the Deputy Commissioner of the Property Department of the Corporation, Shri. Rajesh Kanade and Deputy Commissioner of Licensing Shri. Shriram Pawar and other officials were present.

CIDCO has provided space for stalls for self-employment of persons with disabilities at 104 places in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area. The general body meeting of Municipal Corporation has also approved the proposal to provide space for stalls for self-employment of the disabled.

Accordingly, correspondence has been started with CIDCO through the corporation regarding the transfer of this land and the transfer process should be completed expeditiously and concrete action should be taken to provide relief to the disabled. Abhijeet Bangar directed the concerned officers of both the authorities to complete the transfer process within 10 days with regular coordination.

Similarly, 22 suitable plots for 175 stalls have been requested from CIDCO for new stalls as per the demand of persons / institutions with disabilities to the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. He also directed the property department of the corporation to follow up the work expeditiously.

Similarly, the commissioner suggested that a policy should be decided on behalf of CIDCO to sort out the pending issue of group stalls by mutual consent.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is known all over the country for implementing various welfare activities for the disabled. Therefore, the Municipal Corporation is also positive about providing space for stalls for self-employment of persons with disabilities.