Navi Mumbai: Annasaheb Misal, the municipal commissioner of Navi Mumbai and the chief guest at the Vigilance Awareness Seminar 2019, quoting India’s ranking in the perception of corruption index as per Transparency International, stated that corruption is there to stay forever, and we can only strive to reduce it as much as possible. He commended the organizers of the seminar for chipping in their effort to this cause. 
The seminar with the theme ‘Integrity – a way of life’ was organized to mark the Vigilance Awareness Week jointly by National Thermal Power Corporation, Navi Mumbai First, Public Relations Council of India and the LIONS International Club of NRI, Navi Mumbai. 

To a query as to why the NMMC does not have a Vigilance department, the civic chief replied that the corporation has an online grievances redressal service and citizens should raise their awareness about Vigilance to such an extent that the need of a Vigilance department never rises. 
Mayankar Nayak, LIONS International District 3231-A2 Governor, the keynote speaker on the occasion, stressed on the significance of integrity in every sphere of activity to ensure a corruption – free society. Stating that integrity of character calls for consistent long term efforts and this reputation can collapse with one small wrong doing, he cited the example of Rajat Gupta, the poster boy of Wall Street, the first chief executive of McKinsey and Company born outside U. S. A. and on the Board of several Big Corporates like Procter & Gamble and Goldman Sachs, who was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for insider trading charges. He went on to qualify Vijay Mallaya as a good man who compromised on integrity and is paying a heavy price. 

Ravindra K. of NTPC informed that the company is initiating Integrity Clubs in educational institutions across the country to instill vigilance awareness and fight against corruption. 
At the outset Mohan Gurnani of Navi Mumbai First introduced the theme of the seminar and stressed on its relevance today more than ever and pointed out that India’s rich spiritual heritage and traditions imbibe the values of integrity in our very character, which we should sustain and develop. 
Nandkumar Pawar, a diehard environmentalist of Shree Ekvira Aai Pratishthan remarked that the situation about destruction of the environment, particularly the hills, water bodies and the mangroves, is getting out of hand and called for vigilant caution as the coming generations will pay the price for this. Referring to the trees cut at Aarey for the Metro car-shed, he stated that this destruction was only the beginning and warned that people’s apathy could lead to more felling of trees in forests to make way for profiteering activities of the few. 

Geeta Poduval, former senior audit officer in the Comptroller and Audit General Office of India, lamented that the tendency to compromise for illegal gains is on the rise and only if every citizen decides to take up the cudgels can we be able to combat the corrupt practices prevailing in our society. She cited the herd mentality that prvokes all vehicles at a traffic signal to break the red signal as soon as the first vehicle in the line does so. 
The guests were felicitated with a certificate of planting a tree in their name by the organizers and nurturing them for 3 years and then handing over the tree to the farmer to earn a livelihood (breaking away from the traditional felicitation of giving a coconut, shawl and a bouquet), informed B. N. Kumar, president of the PR Council of India, who also anchored the programme. 
Sanjay Ramamoorthy, general secretary of PRCI, proposed the vote of thanks and presented the tree-planted certificates to the dignitaries. 
Vijayalakshmi Banda, past president of the LIONS Club of NRI, Navi Mumbai, greeted the LIONS Club members with a rose.