No matter how bad your day was, a welcome from your pet could be the most heart-warming thing you could ever feel… but to keep them healthy and safe from all the diseases, the caretaker needs to give special attention to their pets. The pet owners need assistance of the veterinarian for well-being. Without professional help it is difficult for caretakers to understand and medicate the pets without professional help

To laud these compassionate hearts who dedicate their life for the betterment and safety of these speechless creatures all over the world International Day of Veterinary Science is observed on 9th December, every year. Many companies and organizations not only work for the development of veterinary science but also provide all the important information to the pet owners that enables them to make the appropriate choices for them.

Here are some of the tips shared to News with Chai by the veterinarians:-

 Dr. Swaminath informed that, Even though winter is the best season for pets, pollutants in the air are in the peak during this season.  90% of the pets go for a walk in the morning or evening when the pollutants are present in the highest level and especially dogs have a habit of sniffing in the grass which expose them to small droplets and carbon which could cause allergy. If medical attention is neglected it could cause pneumonia to your pet. To this Dr. Shivaji added, “The best time to take your pets for a walk would be in the morning with small amount of sunlight that could give them fresh oxygen to breathe in”.

It has been observed that obesity is one of the most problems that pets are facing these days. Obesity is usually seen in breeds like Labradors and Pugs. According to Dr. Shailendra Reddy obesity could be because of two reasons other than the hormonal changes (a) over pampering and (b) unhealthy lifestyle. He says, “Often pet owners over pamper their pets failing to understand their needs and feeding them repeatedly which is wrong. An average adult dog who is around 30kgs should only be fed twice a day and flesh of chicken twice a week”. “Another factor is that indoor activities are not at all enough for the pets, dogs need maximum 5km of walk everyday which practically not possible for a man. Pet owners have to make sure that dogs have some amount of outdoor activities every day to keep the dogs fit and healthy”, he concluded.

 Let’s pledge to take responsibility of your pets as your family member from here onwards..