Every child is a born artist some grow up -PABLO PICCASSO

Neelam Hemrajani, as a child used to always wait for a new set of crayons. Winning all drawing competitions in school since the age of 6, her mother enrolled her in an art class to learn fabric painting when she was 14. ‘When i entered that class, I saw people painting on canvas, it was love at first sight’ recalls Neelam.

Her tryst with oil painting, canvas and sweet whiff of linseed oil and turpentine commenced at that very moment. She trained in oil painting, just did a few canvases and then she was on her own. She loved to experiment.

‘Whatever hindrances I was facing while painting, like if you mix more quantity of turpentine, the paint cracks and if more oil, it retards the painting from drying and so many issues arise while doing a painting. I decided to overcome them as I wanted to teach. And a good teacher is one who is well versed with one’s subject and ready to take on any queries, problems and solve them’ asserts Neelam.

Neelam Art Studio, established on May 1, 1998, turned 22 on May 1.

Starting with just one student coming to learn art that girl student was brilliant and since then there was no looking back.  She gained more confidence. As, in the process, she was learning too by correcting others’ mistakes. ‘Learning and teaching is a two-way process. I feel and young minds specially children have pure and fresh minds they come up with such brilliant ideas they leave us aghast’ Neelam opines.

William Wordsworth has penned it so well – ‘Child is the father of man’.

Neelam’s passion for art is so intense that she keeps upgrading and trying new forms of art to make the class more interesting, like tie & dye batik, stained glass, cone painting, Tibetan painting, clay work, Tanjore,  Madhubani, de`coupage and the trend which is catching up now, bottle painting, which she used do way back and the nail art that is seen now a days, which she used to do when she was 15.

Neelamarts family kept growing and Neelam has taught so many students that she has lost count. People have been approaching her since almost 10/12 years. ‘I tell them I don’t think you guys need to come anymore, but they say you are like an ocean, each time you come with a new wave of knowledge /idea’ she informs.

“I think each one of us is gifted with infinite knowledge, some tap it some don’t. My art became more effortless after I studied yoga for almost two years at Yog Vidya Niketan’ she states. Neelam is presently pursuing her graduation at the Somaiya college in yoga shastra.

She did the course because she wanted to start an art spa where yoga is taught, as it works as catalyst to art. As creativity arises from a quiet mind and yoga quietens the monkey mind, she remarks.

‘Neelam Arts is not only about art, it is about music, friendship, fun, masti, outdoor painting sessions, art study trips, nature trails, food, exchange of thoughts, new learning from each other, where one lives their life with colours. We organize an annual exhibition of students’ art work to motivate and encourage them to earn and paint more’ informed Neelam Hemrajani.

One very special area of Neelam arts is special’ children, attached to Shiv Shankar Shikshan Sansthan, since past 15 years teaching and learning from special children.

Neelamartsstudio has participated in various drawing competitions and emerged    winners.

Paintings have been sent to various parts of the world U.S.A., London, Finland, Australia Singapore, Dubai and many places in India too like Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

A pride of Navi Mumbai, Neelam loves to work on bottles and recycle. Oil painting and Tanjore art are her favourites, as ‘they require a lot of patience and finesse’. She loves to paint faces; people and nature are her inspirations.

She relates the 3 primary colours, Yellow, Red and Blue to the 3 gunas – sattva, rajas, tamas. When one mixes colours in different proportions and paints, different objects can be depicted on a canvas as similar to the tri-gunas; when they come in different proportions, objects of the world are created.

Finally, her work defines her passion and speak louder than words about her talent. On turning 22, on behalf of her art studio, Neelam expresses her gratitude to her husband Mahesh Hemrajani, her parents, Anand and Sushila Advani, her students who reposed faith on her and all lovers and collectors of art.