Working hard is the key for good life, but no one can work empty stomach.

There are stories that truly inspire us and the world is full of such stories. On this International Women’s Day met a 24-year-old women entrepreneur who beats Down Syndrome and successfully runs her own restaurant. Aditi was a part of a featured video series, BossWomen and shared her journey into the hotel business at TEDXKharghar. While we all see people pitying those with Down Syndrome and treating them differently, Aditi stands on her own feet and proves the world wrong.

Aditi proudly said “I love working in the cafe and always wanted one of my own. With my parent’s support, I have learned to manage the work myself”.

Her mother shared that In the past two years, she have seen lots of changes in aditi, She has become more confident, what makes her more proud is that people appreciated her daughter’s work.

Amit Verma, Aditi’s father said, “You should accept your children for who they are. Kids who suffer from Down’s syndrome are lovely children and are blessing from god. They are dedicated individuals, once you teach them something, they will retain it for life. The children need to live their lives on their terms and we should not overprotect them”

Born with Down’s syndrome, which affects one in every 800-1,000 live births, Aditi is an inspiration to many individuals across the world. Her success story motivated other families with special children.Last year, she was nominated as Maharashtra’s entrepreneur-representative for the Self Advocates Forum of India (SAFI).Master chef judge, Vikas Khanna have also visited her restaurant. She learned from YouTube and surprise her family with new recipes.She went to special schools in Jaipur and Pune before joining Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan in Belapur.Since she was good in Mathematics, she soon began helping her father with data entries.But that didn’t last long.

“Working hard is the key for good life, but no one can work empty stomach,” reads the words on the walls of Aditi’s Corner, a cafe in Navi Mumbai. These words also reflect the cafe owner’s philosophy of life of taking life as a challenge instead of living with self-pity.The cafe was gifted to her by her parents who wanted to see her financially independent and engaged in work. Aditi’s story is truly motivational that is bound to affect the quality of life of all the special children in our country.