Belapur: In the View of Pandemic, there is a shortage of remdesivir injections and complaints of misuse of injections by some hospitals are being received through various channels. The demand, distribution and use of Remdesivir has been decided by the Thane District Collectorate and the necessary supply of Remdesivir injection is being provided through them.

It is the responsibility of the hospital to make the remdesivir injection available through the District Collector’s Office and to follow the guidelines given by the Maharashtra State Task Force and ICMR for its use in patients who need it. Abhijeet Bangar has indicated by special order also to directed that no hospital should give prescription to the patient or the relatives of the patient for injection of Remdesivir.

However, as complaints of misuse of remdesivir by various hospitals are being received through various channels, the commissioner has set up a special task force under the supervision of a deputy commissioner level officer to check and control the misuse of remdesivir.

The brigade ( Squade ) will visit the hospitals as per the complaint received or as per the schedule and check whether the stock and use of the remdesivir injection supplied to the hospital. This will ensure that remdesivir is used only for the patient requested and also checks whether the name of the patient for whom it is used is written on the empty bottle. The remdesivir injection caps used by these hospitals are to be preserved and will also be verified. Apart from this, the team will also verify that the stock of remdesivir provided for the hospital is used only for the patients of that hospital.

Necessary planning is being done at the government level through the Collectorate so that the covid patients who need remdesivir can get within the stipulated time. Considering that this is a very serious matter if remdesivir is being misused by some hospitals, while ordering the hospitals to use remdesivir, the Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar also directed to prevent its misuse and has paid careful attention. For this, a special flying squad has been set up under the control of an officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner. In the future, the team will be keeping a close eye on the use of remdesivir in the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area.