Disappointed by the authority’s fiasco to resolve  the problems, many housing societies have asserted boycotting the elections .They will either boycott elections or opt for NOTA (none of the above) resident stated while Referring to bad roads, water crisis and poor garbage collection, residents announced. Panvel, Kharghar, Roadpali, Kamothe and Belapur’s housing societies have placed banners which reads ‘No development, No vote’.Garbage problems are still unattended by Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC). Other amenities are handled by City and Industrial Development Corporation (Cidco) while PCMC look after garbage collection. To bring to the notice of volatile water supply and bad roads, around 35 housing societies in Kharghar have establish a citizens’ group named “Swachh Kharghar Foundation” (SKF). Residents have decided to opt for NOTA on October 21 because they are fatigued of whining Around 40 housing societies from Kharghar have also decided to boycott elections.

 The welfare group from Kamothe have promulgate a message to the political parties that they are not satisfied as the node lack elementary amenities. Across the node banners of ‘No Development No vote’ have been set up.

One of the housing society in Belapur have put up a banner at the entry of the society which reads: ‘No Conveyance Deed Endorsement by Cidco No Vote’ because they have not got their conveyance deed. Many housing societies in Kharghar have declared they will opt for ‘No work no vote’ and press NOTA. Many citizen have tagged authorities and highlighted their problems. #NoWorkNoVote is trending on twitter and many residents have tagged authorities and highlighted their dilemma.