Belapur: As per the Maharashtra Government Directive, Democracy Day is organized at the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation level on the first Monday of every month at the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation Headquarters.

Democracy Day is not organized in the public interest to ensure compliance with the safe distance rule to prevent the spread of Covid-19 infection. However, as the government has issued new preventive regulations according to the levels, instructions have been issued through the government circular regarding the organization of Democracy Day.

In this case, the Democracy Day should be organized by the Television Council as per the circumstances and if possible, or where the prevalence of Covid-19 should be reduced and the applicants should be called to the office.

Accordingly, the democratic day of the month of August is on the first Monday of the month. It will be held on 02 August 2021 and the applicants will submit their application in the prescribed format in two copies on. Until 16 July 2021, Hon. The names of the Commissioner, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation are to be submitted as ‘Application for Democracy Day’ by highlighting the above visible part of the application.

The complaint / statement mentioned in the application should be of personal nature. The application should be on the same subject related to the same department. The applicant should have earlier submitted a statement on the relevant subject at the department office, department head level. Apart from this, it should be noted that during the Democracy Day, applications related to justices, revenue / appeals, service related matters will not be accepted.

Similarly, applications which are not in the prescribed format and do not have copies of the required documents attached with the application will also not be accepted. Also, if the complaint / statement is not of a personal nature and in the case where a final reply has already been given / will be given, applications made again on the same subject will not be accepted. It is also suggested that the citizens should note that the application on the letter head of any political party / people’s representative / organization will not be accepted.

Citizens are requested to note that the prescribed application form for Democracy Day can be easily downloaded from the download icon on the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation’s website