Nerul: Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is expediting covid vaccination by increasing the number of centers to ensure maximum protection of citizens through covid vaccination before the possible third wave. Care is also being taken to ensure that no social factor is neglected and deprived of vaccines. In this regard, vaccination is being carried out in quarry area, red light area as well as homeless people on the roads.

In this connection, Potential Supers spreaders are being vaccinated on a precautionary basis against covid-19 who have extensive contact with citizens while providing various services. For this special vaccination sessions are being organized and so far 250 employees working in medical stores in Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area and 827 employees working in hotels / restaurants in 5 sessions and 338 persons working in salons / beauty parlors for Vaccinated in 3 sessions.

Similarly, rickshaw pullers and taxi drivers are another factor in which a large number of citizens come in contact. A special vaccination session was also held today at Nerul and Vashi hospitals of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. A total of 583 rickshaw and taxi drivers were vaccinated at Mansaheb Minatai Thackeray Hospital in Nerul and 358 at Rajmata Jijau Hospital Airoli. It also included 5 women rickshaw pullers.

In the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation area, 5,78,538 citizens have been vaccinated till July 07, 2021 and 1,40,162 citizens have taken the second dose of covid vaccine. That means a total of 7,18,700 doses of the covid vaccine have been given.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has increased the number of immunization centers to 78 so that as many citizens as possible can be easily vaccinated near their homes as per the availability of vaccines and at present 111 centers have been fully planned. A day before, information on which doses of vaccine will be available at which centers is being widely disseminated through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and tokens are being distributed by announcing the number of vaccines available at the centers before vaccination starts. Tokens are being distributed to persons with disabilities and citizens above 70 years of age without queuing.

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is considering various factors while conducting vaccination sessions and vaccination sessions are being organized accordingly. However, It is being done on behalf of the Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar