Vashi/Turbhe: While Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is ready to get the best rating in the cleanest cities in the country, Commissioner of NNMC Shri. Abhijeet Bangar, has started cleanliness status in the city in accordance with the cleanest survey. Abhijeet Bangar has started reviewing through live observation. He visited various places in Vashi and Turbhe sections and inspected closely. At this time, Deputy Commissioner of Administration Department along with him. Dadasaheb Chabkhuswar was present.

He inspected the cleaning and beautification works at Juhugaon Chowpatty i.e. Mini Sea Shore, which is an attraction for the citizens of Vashi division and a large number of people come for morning and evening jogging. While inspecting the internal cleaning of Juhugaon Cemetery, Sector 29 Udyan, Sector 17 Maharaja Market, Sector 6 Jagruteshwar Lake, Washigaon Premises, Vashi Railway Station Premises, Sion Panvel Highway Vashi Flyover Premises, Sector 14 Vashi, the Commissioner inspected the internal cleaning of the lake, market premises, He inspected the cleanliness of highways, cleanliness of toilets, cleanliness of nallas, operation of compost pits.

Most of the nallas in the city are covered with nets to prevent any waste from being dumped in the stream, and nets are installed at the junctions in the nallah stream to keep the waste in the stream. While inspecting such nets, the commissioner directed to ensure regular cleaning.

Similarly, the Commissioner directed to ensure that the reservoirs are cleaned twice a day to ensure that there is no water and waste on the reservoirs of the lakes. Mr. Bangar also directed that every vendor should have green and blue bins for wet and dry waste as well as cleanliness in the market area.

The commissioner also inspected the cleanliness of Sector 21, 22 and Turbhegaon area. While paying attention to the cleanliness of the village, Gaothan area, Mr. Bangar also directed to take action to ensure compliance of the COVID-19 safety rules by the citizens. While ordering to be more vigilant about the cleanliness of Turbhegaon lake and to take action to clean the reservoir, the commissioner has directed to work more effectively to separate the wet and dry waste from the houses in the village and slum area and hand it over to the municipal sanitation workers.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is getting a lot of feedback from the citizens of Navi Mumbai as well as dignitaries and citizens visiting other parts of the city who are changing the face of the city through regular cleaning and beautification of the city.

Abhijeet Bangar said, “While Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is carrying out the responsibility of city cleanliness, it is equally important for every citizen to take care that the city will not become unhygienic. Considering that my garbage is my responsibility to become the number one city in the country, if citizens do not allow garbage to be dumped in public places and appeal to those who throw garbage not to throw garbage as a responsible citizen, then Navi Mumbai will definitely be considered as the best clean city in the country”. Therefore, the citizens should make an active contribution to make Navi Mumbai number one in the country, he added.