Belapur: It is mandatory for citizens to pay their property tax and there is no compromise. Considering that everyone had to face financial difficulties during the Covid period, the property tax protection scheme has been implemented to provide relief to the citizens. This includes a huge rebate of 75% on the penalty amount of property tax. Debtors are being appealed through various channels to avail the benefits of this scheme.

However, in view of the fact that many large arrears do not pay taxes to the corporation, the commissioner has also directed that recovery action should be taken focusing on such large arrears. Department wise lists of such arrears have been prepared and they are being advised to avail the benefits of Abhay Yojana. However, the commissioner directed to take legal action against the arrears who did not respond positively to the payment of property tax. Abhijeet Bangar had given a review in the previous meeting.

Accordingly, the bank accounts of 10 property tax arrears have been frozen due to repeated calls and notices.

(1) M/S. Moraj Shopping Complex / Surendra Kaur, Belapur.

(2) M/S. Mars Constructions Co. / Dhanalakshmi / R. Srinivasan, Vashi.

(3) Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Roy, Vashi.

(4) Mark Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Turbhe.

(5) M/S. Akshar Developers, Turbhe.

(6) The Address Co-op. Housing Society, Koparkhairane.

(7) Star Builders and Developers, Ghansoli.

(8) Agrasen Co-Op. Housing Society, Airoli.

The two arrears, on the other hand, have been notified that their bank accounts will be frozen and their arrears of property tax have been paid immediately.

Many delinquent property tax holders are now paying their delinquent property tax after receiving information that such a crackdown has been initiated by the corporation. However, the Commissioner directed to take action for recovery of property tax more effectively. Abhijeet Bangar clarified that if anyone has any grievances regarding property tax, it should be dealt with as a matter of priority and care should be taken to ensure that no grievances are pending for more than 7 days without a solid reason. Explaining the responsibilities of each tax collection officer, action will be taken in case of negligence in the work. Abhijeet Bangar gave a review in the meeting. On this occasion Additional Commissioner Shri. Sujata Dhole as well as all the officers of the property tax department were present.

Although this year has been covered by the outbreak of Covid, 314 crore 44 lakh 43 thousand has been recovered in this financial year from 1st April 2020 to 10th January 2021. Rs.155.86 Crore was recovered in the month of December 2020, which is more than the amount of Rs.151.12 Crores.

The Abhay Yojana, which provides 75 percent financial relief to the arrears of property tax holders from December 15, 2020, has been implemented and 26 crore 9 lakh has been collected under the Abhay Yojana in 25 days till January 10, 2021. However, the commissioner was not satisfied with this performance and instructed the meeting to work at its full potential to achieve the given target.

The commissioner directed that the payment of property tax of the corporation should be made known to the citizens through their mobile messages and also action should be taken to provide the maximum option to pay it online. The computer department was instructed to make the tax payment system of the corporation more up-to-date and easier.

It is mandatory for property owners to pay tax on any of their property and since the revenue is generated from this tax, the citizens are contributing to the development of the city by paying tax in one way or another. The corporation has implemented the Abhay Yojana till February 15 for the arrears and appeals to the citizens to avail the maximum benefits of the scheme without waiting for the last day.