Indians have exerted their democratic rights and TSUNAMO has been unleashed on the country- for all good reasons. Modi beats Modi (2014 Vs 2019) could have been a better caption as it is the reality.

As I was hooked to my television set yesterday almost whole day I watched political analysts, senior journalists are all trying to decode the Modi Magic, but is there a magic, really? As a common Indian, I find him to be a master strategist, who in all cases remained grounded and understood the public sentiments like no other opposition leaders did. I think till date he is the most communicative Prime Minister India has ever had, yes he communicates with his countrymen and there is no shred of doubt about his terrific oratory skills. He connected himself with the people of rural areas by providing gas connections, toilets – the basic needs of every Indian residing in those remote areas. He understood their need and addressed it immediately. Mr. Modi is a person who believes in action, be it addressing social issues or answering back the neighboring country after Pulwama attack using the same dose of their own medicine, however bitter it was.

Hours before the Balakot strike deep in the heart of Pakistan; Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave no indication to those who met him that he had taken such a momentous decision. One that would push the two countries closest to a war since the stand-off in 2002 after the Pakistan-backed Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists attacked Kaluchak in J&K and killed 30 people.

It would be the first time that India was conducting an air strike in mainland Pakistan since 1971. It was a decision as far-reaching as overtly declaring India’s nuclear capability, like Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee did with the nuclear tests in 1974 and 1998. It signaled a paradigm shift in the way India would deal with Pakistan in future when it came to terror attacks. He appeared cool , composed and collected, that is his aura, an aura we like and trust, we rest our faith in him, we know that this man is standing strong guiding our country and steering the nation in the right direction.

Achieving 347 seats nationally is not a child’s play, even the Dynasty Queen and her foolish son have realized it by now especially after losing Amethi to Smriti Irani. The Prince was an absentee MP, overconfident thinking Amethi to be his ancestral property handed over to him by birth, while Mrs. Irani kept on visiting Amethi and built her network and connected with the common people. That is the magic of BJP – THE LEADERS AND THE FACE OF THE PARTY MR. MODI STRONGLY BELIEVES IN COMMUNICATION AND CONNECTIVITY. 

The half-witted indiscreet Gandhi scion kept on harping on the disparaging and slandering slogan, “CHOWKIDAR CHOR HAI” completely forgetting the existence of the biggest thief, his brother in law Mr. Vadra who was interrogated by the Enforcement Department. This stigma he was trying to taint Mr. Modi with backfired on his party and India showed him their unwavering confidence, conviction and reliance on the CHOWKIDAR THE NATION’S CHOWKIDAR.

Amit Shah is a commendable organizer whose contribution towards this historic victory can never be overlooked. Together Mr. Modi and Mr. Shah reminds me of the Krishna and Arjun, the former showing the path and the later following in this Kurukshetra of 2019 elections.

Let’s have a look at Bengal (I am a proud Bengali), where BJP has bagged 19 seats and TMC had to remain quiet with 22 seats. Why did this downfall of TMC happen? The party supremo and the reigning Chief Minister has so little dignity and her language is extremely oafish and barbaric that I am literally ashamed to admit that she too belongs to the land of Tagore, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee which she often puts out of her mind and screams in her loutish crude language. Who will now agree that Bengali is one of the sweetest languages of India after listening to her ungraceful philistine verbosity??? She alone has ruined her party, owing to her support in corruption in the scams of Rose Valley and many such money laundering organizations in 2013. She had the gall to arrest CBI to protect another unscrupulous amoral police Chief Rajeev Kumar, such is her blasphemous character. Her own people could not trust her, Mukul Roy being a prime example. The TMC chief always sharpened her claws based on religious rifts, well if we did not mind her fasting during Rojas then why did her blood boiled on BJP’s Hindutwa propaganda? Allah and Ram Chandra – where is the difference? Well she created the difference between both the castes with her instigating so called sermons. But she forgot her vote bank will reflect her delinquency and manipulative turpitude because people, irrespective of caste and creed have lost their faith on her. Nobody likes an unpolished state head who at the drop of the hat leaves no stone unturned to abash us as Bengalis in front of the whole country. Her chosen STAR candidates (3 of them have won) just sailed through because of glamour quotient and one of them was seen wearing gloves during the campaign because apparently her butter soft skin was scratched when she shook hands with the public and now she is entrusted to serve the public!!!!! Such is the pitiful situation of this opprobrium party, I am feeling mortified because we have voted for that empty headed bimbo, she might be pretty but alas she is just a pretty face with no brains.

Coming back to Modi Magic, the Man has shown again his trustworthy emanation and we are looking forward to next five years of peaceful tenor under his adept guidance, well Dynasty Rule, Didi Mania, and Chandrababu you all can take a walk, this Indian is super happy……WELCOME BACK SIR….. AUR EK BAR PHIR SE MODI SARKAR. 

An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
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