Vashi: Nadeem Chougule, a resident of Koparkhairne in Navi Mumbai, whose Optician shop in sector 2, Vashi, closed down, was spotted, under a tree in front of the Congress Bhavan and Jagruteshwar temple in Vashi, singing melodious Bollywood songs of yesteryears with a cordless mike to karaoke music on his mobile. 
Talking to Raigad Observer on March 20, when the coronavirus scare has gripped the city, state, nation and many nations around the globe, Nadeem was blissfully indulgent in solitude, with one or more bypassers halting to listen briefly and walking away, remarked that he was a self taught singer and it was possible for anyone to sing with a little effort, a mike and karaoke music. 

He, in fact, encourages people to sing and sells these mikes for a nominal profit. He adds that several prominent people, like a senior GST official, listened to his singing and appreciated him and many bought a mike from him. 
Nadeem also expressed that he sang to please himself and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience of singing solo for his own satisfaction and urges everyone to make an effort and sing out their hearts for their own pleasure. 
He was certainly oblivious to the threat of a pandemic in his own singing moments and was a picture of tranquility in the raging storm of fear around as he remained engrossed in his tryst with singing his favorite Bollywood numbers on the banks of the village pond, here.