An aggression dissected my heart today when I came across this teen age boy who is NOT normal according to common parlance and our preconceived age old rustic notions. He was tormented because he preferred companionship of another teenager, who happens to be a boy too, over a girl. Hello world that’s HIS PERSONAL choice, that’s his SEXUAL ORIENTATION and that’s his Prerogative in choosing his partner. Why do we act like moral police? The word HOMOPHOBIA attacks us like an epidemic and we start acting holier than thou. Why? On 6 September 2018, the Court ruled unanimously that Section 377 of Indian Penal Code was unconstitutional “in so far as it criminalizes consensual sexual conduct between adults of the same sex.” Still we prefer to remain deaf dumb and mute in most of the cases. We ridicule the LGBT Community; we look upon them with disdain, without even realizing what pain they go through for their orientation on which they did not have any choice at birth.

They are also humans, who bleed when bruised, who can love with same commitment as we the so called “NORMAL” people do, they too have aspirations in life, some of them whom I know personally are fiercely ambitious and are intellectually endowed and given a chance they would achieve their goal, if at all they are spared THAT coveted chance without going through episodes of struggle, they too desire to have a home, a partner, and some of them also want to be parents. They are as normal like you or me, it’s just that I have chosen a man in my life to share my romantic interests or build a home together and have embraced motherhood; he or she might have chosen a person of the same sex with all the same expectations and wishes. The desire is same, the level of commitment and zeal is same only what draws a line between me and another human being is the later’s sexual orientation, his gender fluidity. 

I recently watched a movie “Nagarkirtan” by this prolific film maker Kaushik Ganguly, which moved me to tears. He has pained the trauma of LGBT community with so much empathy and élan through his central character Pari and National Award winning actor Riddhi Sen has infused life into Pari with his refined nuanced performance, that not a single audience that day in that multiplex had dry eyes. I agree, the multiplex audience are more well read, enlightened, cultured and aware citizens, but should that build a barrier between the rest of the nation who do not visit multiplexes to watch such movies that they get the right to demean and degrade the people who belong to the third gender? Democracy does not allow such entitlement to anyone.    

We are such pietists and perhaps phoney that we adjust our way of objectifying young boys or girls, by merely shifting our myopic lenses towards them. Being addicted to alcohol, cocaine, weed, grass is considered macho or even cool in the peer group, we do not hesitate to fill our children’s pockets with more plastic money or real money than what is necessary and we do not mind their disc hopping, their deranged way of lives, their erratic decisions, because thank God, they are normal, he is not a pansy or she is not a lesbian, by God’s grace so all these little perks in life is allowed by parents. So when the spoiled brat of a sonny boy  of the oh –so –rich daddy goes out in a mad dash driving Papa’s newly bought S- Class in an inebriated state, we are okay with it, because he has girlfriends surrounding him to prove he is a MAN.

The speed of their selfish joy might cause an accident and someone might lose his or her life but hey all these are signs of machismo. Why? Let us ask ourselves for a second. Why do we consider these stinking traits are normal because they are somehow ingrained in our system? This show of vanity, fake Manhood, or an exhibition of the label of an IT or COOL girl in the gang is allowed, but one cannot choose his partner according to his own personal choice, then our humbug plaster saint society comes out in full force, wagging jhandas and threatening to outcast the budding lives, who just want to live and lead their lives with the same and equal rights like any other citizens of this nation in peace, in love and with grace and respect, without being labeled as ABNORMAL and without being treated as a PARIAH. That’s the least we as a society can do for them.

An archer by heart and a writer by passion. Have had a decade long career in Human Resources with reputed organizations like Simplex Infrastructures Ltd, GPT Infrastructures Ltd and Emami Realty Ltd, but the role I enjoy the most is that of a mother to my 9 year old daughter.Reading enriches me, travelling rejuvenates me.
Educational Qualufication -MBA (HR) and M.COM (Banking and Insurance). You can ask any question to the author on this mail: [email protected]

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