Mumbai: Port has changed over its hundred-bed clinic into a 120 bed COVID and 25-bed Non- COVID hospital for one lakh workers, retired people, and their families. Since the starting of the lockdown, the hospital has treated 333 COVID patients. There have been 37 deaths.

“In order to review the hospital arrangements, boost the morale of the health workers in the positive COVID wards, and to check the status of the 102 (72 positive and 32 Suspected) patients, I along with senior doctors visited the COVID wards and the COVID ICUs. Wearing a full PPE suit (sweating profusely), spent nearly one and a half hours with the patients and the doctors and nurses in the COVID wards. It was quite a humbling experience.” said Bhatia

He added, “I could see the surprise and delight in the patients’ eyes that someone had come to meet them in the positive patient’s wards. One Security guard patient got out of his bed, stood straight and saluted. I was impressed by the dedication with which the nurses were working. But felt very helpless to see that the patients in the ICU wards were in bad shape. The way the number of patients is increasing day by day; there is a dire need to increase the ICUs and number of beds with oxygen facilities. Overall, my respects to the COVID warriors who are working tirelessly in such difficult circumstances.”