The train journey between Thane and Kasara takes nearly two hours even in a fast local train as every quick prepare runs on a slow track after Kalyan. It is anticipated that with the expansion of the 15-car fast trains, the travel time for the travellers will come down. However, in spite of the rail corporation’s endeavours, the long-distance travellers are at risk of meeting with an accident. This generally happens since the trains are packed and are running late. Keeping in mind the passengers from Badlapur, Ambarnath, Khopoli, and Kasara, Central Railways has decided running 15-car fast local trains from Kalyan to Badlapur, Asangaon, and Kasara.

Crowded local trains on the Central Line have been responsible for the death of hundreds of office-going travellers who fall out of trains while attempting to travel during peak hours. A year back, a proposition for the same was sent to the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) who has presently endorsed additional rail services and has appeared availability to supply subsidizing for the same. To guarantee that such episodes do not reoccur, Central Railways has taken different measures that incorporate expanding the frequency of trains besides introducing lights over the train doors.

Rail project worth ₹490 crore, to be completed in next 2 months

The proposition for this venture was sent to the Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) a year prior which has presently affirmed the extra rail services and has shown eagerness to supply subsidizing for the same. The estimated cost for the project is ₹490 crore.

While the venture will certainly advantage Central Railways’ travellers, it remains to be seen whether the train timings will improve or not. One of the driving reasons behind the everyday delay is MRVC’s unfulfilled projects. The MRVC had authorized the establishment of the fifth and 6th railway line for express trains in 2008 but that venture never took off. Another issue that’s causing disturbances in the Central Railway plan is that the Express trains are too running on the existing four lines. Since Central Railways has overseen to pick up the monetary assets for the previously mentioned project, it is anticipated to be completed within the following two months.