Mother –the emotional backbone of the children, Fashion Designer Rekha Rajesh Thakkar has never put her head down and showered love unconditionally to establish trust and a firm foundation of emotional intimacy in a child’s life. On the go, she has also become a proud and successful woman entrepreneur who has made a space for herself in a society that is highly patriarchal and male-dominated.

Just at the age of 21 even after getting married, raising two children she sheds some light on never giving up attitude chasing her dreams and flourishing business at an unprecedented level of innovation across the globe.

Rekha Rajesh Thakkar, Graduated from Kamala Nehru Polytechnic College with 4 years of Diploma in Fashion Designing has proved that being a businesswoman and a designer make for huge success in the fashion industry. After working her way up at various fashion companies, she partnered with his daughter in starting her very own line Gyanika Thakkar – The Designer Boutique in 2016. Her line built on her signature aesthetic of bold colours and playful proportions creating feminine, sexy, and classic designs. Her form-fitting dresses and gowns have become her staple and have been recommended by many celebrities. Over the years her clothing line has expanded into beauty with numerous collaborations that continue to grow.

Rekha Rajesh Thakkar

Let’s meet the Fashion icon. Shreyasi Maiti in-depth conversation with Fashion Designer Rekha Rajesh Thakkar on Fashion talks, fashion and beauty struggles, women challenges and lots more…

Challenges Galore

Challenges brew when what we value changes. Due to marriage, my studies discontinued in the final year. After conceiving 2 children, moreover, I received an offer from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan College for joining their Faculty. Be that as it may, I am incapable to accept the offer due to little children. Inspite of being a mother at a very young age, I went beyond the impediments set by society and the challenges of parenthood, to plunge back into the world of my dreams as a Fashion Designer and exceeding expectations in my chosen field.

I loved the power of clothing and the transformative quality of dressing up. When I was very young, I remember dressing up for different events at school and I took pride in having the best outfit or at least making the biggest effort. Later, when I was in high school I would make my own clothing, which fitted me very badly because I had no idea what I was doing. That experience also made me realize the power that clothing has… clothing is a language all of its own.

In addition, as a part of my Joint Family, things are greatly troublesome which didn’t make things conceivable effectively for me but I unendingly upheld my children in satisfying their dreams.

Name of the Boutique and wide array of Collections

Gynika Thakkar – The Designer Boutique. I made a difference in establishing my favourite and remarkable business. The interiors of the firm is planned and designed by me and we are located at Kharghar – Sector 2. With its charm and bohemian flare, the distinctive eponymous label injected Ethnic and Western fashion with refreshingly eclectic designs and striking silhouettes. Since then the brand has rapidly become a coveted name in the fashion world, securing its place as a successful and wearable brand both locally and internationally. And there is no looking back.

Gyanika Thakkar and Mother Rekha Thakkar

What do your clothes reflect?

That’s relative but I do think my clothes are voguish as per the current popular style, you can spot them a mile away. But for me it’s not about putting out more stuff, it’s about putting out great clothes. That’s what I got into the industry for. I grew up looking at amazing designers who did amazing clothes so I respect them and I respect myself not to just throw out stuff. It needs to mean something.

How that ever inhibit your creative process?

Well, it’s hard to be creative every day. You give yourself so much pressure and heartache to be creative every single hour of the day, sometimes you just need to walk away. And then it just happens. I try to do things because they are instinctive, I don’t push myself. It just naturally comes.

Why did you want to start your own fashion line?

I have always been very business-minded from a young age. While pursuing the Fashion course, I managed to bag a couple of awards in my kitty and started hosting events. When I got married, what’s my next venture? I have always loved designs. With shows and collections that has been heavily theme-based and very unique in their offering, I have always stayed true to their signature look. Last year the brand celebrated its 5th anniversary, ushering in a new era for the brand that is known to push boundaries.

How did your mother encourage you on your path to being a designer?

She taught us to believe in ourselves, to not give up. As a businesswoman, this is the way to think, to believe that you can succeed. She has continuously been exceptionally strong, from day one, on anything that I wanted to pursue. She taught me to be the woman of today. Whereas prior sons were the heir-apparent of a family business, the trend is continuously changing. Nowadays, women are progressively taking over the reins of businesses taking to newer heights.

She is eternally inquisitive, open, and compassionate about other people. I have learnt how to adapt things and evolve to the routine and the cycle of it… You can’t just put your head down in the Fashion industry. I still enjoy it.

Special message on Mother’s Day

Mothers become complete to see their children’s success and I moreover share the same relationship with my girl so that she shares everything with me. We are exceptionally great companions. Indeed in this troublesome world nowadays where people are diverse, we ought to support our children.

A small advice to every mother to be good companions with children so that they can share their sentiments with you, not anybody else who builds belief and confidence in your children assuring they shouldn’t hide anything from you in case they are confronting major issues. I am supporting and helping my daughter in making creative designs and evolving into business as I master in this medium. Mothers are superheroes, biggest supporters, and best friends.

Hats off to brilliant and strong mothers out there fulfilling their responsibilities! Wishing all a Happy Mother’s Day