Mumbai: Moonshot Conversations, led by the founders of Korroboree, Ms. Lina Ashar and Mr. Agnelorajesh Athaide, has now seen over 14 successful episodes that have garnered over 11.5 million views. This is a testament of the fact that people are ready to explore the expansion of human potential and human consciousness. Each of the episodes, explores a different concept; like mindfulness, optimism, growth mindset, resilience, self-awareness, RAS and goal setting, etc

Well known public faces that are themselves committed to self-discovery, self-mastery and expansion of human potential have appeared as special speakers on Moonshot Conversations. It has seen special names such as Raageshwari Loomba, Simone Singh, Ani Choying Drolma, Drums Sivamani and Runa Rizvi grace the space.

For the next episode of the Facebook Live series, the founders have gone global and invited Layla El Khadri, Leadership Coach and Author to discuss Evolved Leadership on 27th September, 5:00 pm onwards. Layla is the creator of Reclaim Radiance Online Training and Presence – The Jedi Training For Leadership, and wants to help others, especially women, activate their qualities required to embody their fullest potential.

The episode will touch upon various interesting questions like; What may the planet be calling all souls to be more of and less of? What is this time communicating to us? How do we want to awaken the magnificence of who each one of u sis, to create a collective abundant future? What values do we need as individuals and as a collective to create a new awakened reality?

Talking about the episode, Lina says, “I have interviewed Layla for Korroborre and her ideas and thoughts are just so in sync with what we want to achieve for our community watching Moonshot Conversations, that we had to bring her in for an episode. We are hoping to have an insightful episode for those who want to develop an ability to think for themselves and find a blueprint to access their potential and maximise it.”

Layla El Khadri adds, “Today more than ever we have the opportunity, and responsibility, to co-create a new reality. If we wake up to our innate power as conscious creators the New Normal can be one that nourishes the human soul and honors the planet earth.”

So, for any and all considering a more mindful existence, this episode in specific and Moonshot Conversations in general is a great investment of their time and it is something that will give them amazing returns in terms of ‘mental and emotional wealth’.

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