Life-sized mock-up of the train set for Mumbai Metro Line 3 (Aqua Line) of Alstom and Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) was unveiled yesterday. The cutting edge, advance, and swank for Mumbai meets all technical and manufacturing parameters. The mock-up gave a glimpse of the advanced features that will make daily commute comparatively easier for millions of citizens in the city. After functioning the Aqua Line will reduce vehicular congestion by offering a better that will be substitute fast, efficient and sustainable. This year in August Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra in presence of Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director of MMRC along with senior officials unveiled the scale model of the rolling stock.

Line 3 was termed as Aqua Line which inspired by the vital flow of the sea which is an integral part of the city at the same event.  “Our objective was to create an appropriate, future-proofed design that is relevant to the people, the city and their expectations. This theme is called – Dynamic Fluids. All technical and manufacturing parameters have been met with respect to the high interior density layout and space efficiency. We are proud to present this ‘New Face of Mumbai Transportation’. Alstom is committed to supporting MMRC in easing the transportation challenges of Mumbai. With the project stipulating more than 80% localized manufacturing, this contract further reinforces Alstom’s commitment to invest, grow and Make in India.” Alain Spohr, Managing Director at Alstom India and South Asia stated.

The Mumbai Metro Aqua Line trainset design takes insightness from the positive energy of Mumbai and architecture of the city which is an amalgam of different styles. The theme captures the transformation of the city’s architectural landscapes over years. The exterior theme is a accolade to the energy flowing through the city of Mumbai commonly termed as the city that never sleeps. Stimulated by the vital flow of water and aspiring to be a fast, efficient and sustainable mode of travel, to become the new lifeline for the people of Mumbai. The Mumbai Metro Aqua Line trainset interior colour harmony depicts the lifestyle of Mumbaikers who always on the move, who turn to the sea for peace and are soothed by its waves and breeze Which influenced to use a unique blend of comfort (beige) and freshness (arctic green) to provide a relaxing and refreshing travel experience. The trainsets for Aqua Line will be equipped with a regenerative braking system abetting a significant reduction in carbon emissions. The 177.2 meter-long trainsets will have larger capacity capable of ferrying around 3,000 passengers in one trip to accommodate immense passenger flow.

The Mumbai Metro Aqua Line trainset will have safety features which consists of CCTV cameras, smoke detectors, emergency intercoms, fire extinguishers with large detrainment doors to quickly evacuate passengers in an emergency. The train sets have pertinent signage’s, three rows of grab rails, grab handles, poles for holding and dedicated space for passengers with luggage.Not only the design also ensures easy accessibility and comfort for the differently-abled but also have dedicated space for a wheelchair in every car.  

The Aqua Line has 27 stations, 33.5-km long underground stretch connecting the busiest and most congested regions in Mumbai. The metro line will connect the Cuffe Parade business district in the extreme south of the city to Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone in the north-central. It will be first underground metro line in Mumbai and also one of the longest underground uninterrupted stretches in India.