Mumbaikars accumulated for the midnight mass on Tuesday to ring within the celebration of Christmas. Both the Catholic and Anglican Church received a message of trust and confidence. Cardinal Gracias managed mass at Holy Name Cathedral at midnight on the day he celebrated his claim 75th birthday.

Cardinal Gracias called upon citizens to recuperate connections. He said that the story of Christmas gives the message that through the birth of Jesus, God re-established his relationship with humankind. It serves as a welcome to us to resume our connections. We live in an age of segregation and division. We select to see each other through the focal point of culture, religion, dialect, caste, colour and ethnicity. We come up short to see the other as a pioneer like ourselves, traveling through life. When we keep in mind that God encapsulates adore and solidarity, we’ll meet him through relationship that looks for adore and understanding, celebrate compromise and peace and transcend contrasts. We are called to resume our relationship with our families, neighbours and our environment. Bishop Patole called for individuals to permit Christ into their lives, their home, and their world.

In the meantime,  Mumbaikers are also celebrating Christmas, the Arch at NSCI, Worli has composed a Christmas carnival on Wednesday total with slows down, rides for children, Santa Walk, and DJ Music.