With 94% of the world being unable to solve Rubik cube, Affan kutty(13) of Mumbra has mastered the art of solving Rubik’s cube. The boy who has strong faith in his own abilities has gradually taken a bigger challenge and ended up mastering the art of writing names using the cubes. He is amongst the rare people in India of his age who has mastered this art blind folded. He is looking forward to shine in Guinness, Limca, India and Asia book of records.

Sharing his journey he said, “9 months ago I was addicted to mobile, social media and PUBG. My parents were bothered and thought I am wasting lot of precious time on phone which resulted in my father gifting me Rubik Cube and telling me to solve it. I started practicing, after many attempts I was finally able to solve the cube. After practicing for 3 hours daily I started forming alphabets and designs on cube. One random day I thought why not try this art by blind folding my eyes and I succeeded in that too”.

Telling more about his skills he said, “I can solve 7’7 Rubik Cube in 30 seconds. I can create alphabet in 30 seconds and while being blind folded in 35 seconds”.“If you want to quit addiction you should have faith In yourself”, he concludes.
At the end he showcased his talent by creating “News With Chai” from Rubik Cubes blind folded.