Mumbai: Recent buzz of the tinsel town is Marathi superstar Ankush Chaudhari has recently contributed an undisclosed amount in ‘Letsflix Marathi’ which is going to be the first Marathi OTT platform. Ankush has acted in several marathi blockbuster movies like Dagdi Chawl, Duniyadari, Triple Seat, Classmates etc. He has been a part of the Marathi film industry for more than 25 years with acting in more than 40 movies. There’s no doubt that his encounter & skill will help positively shape the future of Letsflix. The launch of ‘Letsflix Marathi’ was recently declared by well-known entrepreneur Narendra Firodia & serial entrepreneur and founder of India network Rahul Narvekar.

While speaking about the partnership Ankush said, “I liked the concept of Letsflix Marathi and being Narendra Firodia & Rahul Narvekar, the Founders, I feel blessed getting collaborated with them as working with these talented people will be a different experience altogether. Marathi entertainment industry is changing drastically and the launch of a new OTT platform dedicated only to Marathi content will also open many doors for content creators. Working with Rahul Narvekar & Narendra Firodia will be much exciting. Both are successful in their respective fields and I’m sure three of us will be able to give good quality content to our global marathi audience.”

Even Co-founder Rahul Narvekar expressed his happiness saying, “When I met Ankush, I realized that having him on board to help us understand the nuances of what will work with the global Marathi audiences will be a key factor. I am super thrilled to work with him.” While speaking about Ankush’s entry, Narendra Firodia said, “I am very happy as Ankush has joined Letsflix Marathi. He is a very talented & experienced actor. As Letsflix is a platform that will showcase different content, his experience will help us to know what the audience is looking forward to, as an actor he understands and knows the audience very well.”

Marathi entertainment industry has evolved in the past few years with great quality and diverse content making a major difference in the industry. The section of ‘Letsflix Marathi’ will encourage new content creators on board because it will highlight an array of content ranging from films, documentaries, short films etc. Letsflix also recently announced Letsflix Gujarati, Bhojpuri, and Bangla. In future it’ll also come in 12 other regional dialects.