Mumbai: In view of the possibility of the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, the winter session of the Maharashtra Governing body will host in Mumbai and not in Nagpur from December 7. The decision was taken at the Business Advisory Committee meeting held at the Vidhan Bhavan. The tenure of the winter session will be chosen at the meeting slated for November end after looking into the Covid 19 situation.

It has been the practice since the Maharashtra state was formed in 1960 to hold the winter session in Nagpur which was prior to the capital of the Central Provinces and Berar. Nagpur was consolidated with Maharashtra. It’ll be the primary time that the winter session will be held away from Nagpur due to the Covid-19 crisis. The announcement came two days after Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in his web address to the citizens had said Maharashtra may not afford a second wave which was witnessed in western countries because it will have an adverse effect on infrastructure, health, and economy.

‘’The Business Advisory Committees (BACs) of both the houses met today at the Vidhan Bhavan and decided to hold winter session in Mumbai instead of Nagpur considering the coronavirus crisis. The number of days for the ensuing winter session will be decided at the BAC meetings to be held in November end,’’ said the Chief Minister’s Office in a release.

The Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Speaker Nana Patole trusted that the state would recuperate quicker from the Covid-19 emergency. In any case, BJP requested that the residency of the winter session ought to be at least 15 days and it should not be curtailed. Former Minister Girish Mahajan charged that the government was not prepared to face the opposition and thus needs to diminish the session period. He added, “Opposition has demanded that the government should hold a budget session in Nagpur.”

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BACs arrived at a decision after a huge number of members from administering and opposition parties proposed that the winter session got to be held in Mumbai and not in Nagpur due to the display coronavirus pandemic. BACs additionally reviewed facilities required in the state council for conducting the business.