Supreme Court should play a firm role in border issue – Sharad Pawar

Mumbai: Generations and generations of border dwellers are facing the atrocities of the Karnataka government and it is necessary to unite against it as before. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on 27th January expressed his determination to bring back the territory of Karnataka occupied Maharashtra to Maharashtra by stating that the state government has a firm role in the case of the entire Maharashtra is in the support of the border residents of Maharashtra.

′′He will stay in Maharashtra, not in jail′′ as well as ′′Belgaum, Maharashtra must be united with Nipani ′′ Chief Minister Shri. Thackeray, senior leader MP Sharad Pawar published the book ‘Maharashtra-Karnataka borderism; Sangharsh and Sankalp’. Officers, activists etc of Maharashtra Ekikaran Committee in the border area were present at the event held at Sahyadri Guest House. This time Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat, Coordinator Minister of Border Area Eknath Shinde, Chhagan Bhujbal, Minister of Marathi Language Department Subhash Desai, Opposition Leader of Legislative Council Pravin Darekar, Minister of State of General Administration Dattatraya Bharne, MP Arvind Sawant etc were present.

After many days, the Chief Minister said, that the work of breaking the question is being done through the book, the state government is serious about the Maharashtra-Karnataka borderism and the Border Coordinator Minister has given the message that we are strongly behind the area. Marathi’s strength, power will be stubbornly raised by the border residents. Uddhav Thackeray is a clear proof that all efforts will be made to firmly present the state’s role in this question in the Supreme Court. Thackeray gave this time.

Supreme Court should play a firm role in border issue – Sharad Pawar

Member of Parliament Mr. Sharad Pawar described the fight between the citizens of the border and said that the fight has been continued by farmers, students, youth, adults etc. for years. He said, took the role of Satyagraha by setting up ‘Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti’ in the border area. Many suffered for this. However, the citizens of the border are enduring all this torture for generations.

Establishment of Mahajan Commission, efforts made to collect evidence for judicial case in border issue along with Madhu Mangesh Karnik, establishment of Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti as well as Satyagraha, mentioning the prison suffered by political leadership etc. Pawar further said, the fight in the Supreme Court is the last weapon in borderism and now we are towards the final period. The role of the state has to be firmly presented there and for that Chief Minister Shri uddhav Thackeray is looking at himself.

This time, in the introduction, the Chief Secretary of the General Administration Department, Shrikant Deshpande explained the role behind the creation of this book. Political, social movement on border issues should speed up thinking. He said that the state government’s border room is trying to accelerate government efforts to provide education in Marathi language, schools, colleges.

Editor of the book Dr. Deepak Pawar expressed his expectation that this book should be the assassin of the United Maharashtra movement along the border.