Mumbai: The State Government has set up a 14-member committee headed by the Former Chairman of the University Grants Commission Dr. Sukhdev Thorat to form suggestions on the amendments to the Maharashtra Public University Act, 2016. The Higher and Technical Education Department Deputy secretary AM Bawiskar, on Monday, issued a notice which says that amendments to the Act were necessary in order to extend the quality and standard of education so that the students can progress in this profoundly competitive education sector. The committee’s mandate incorporates making recommendations that will be viable, physical, and practical in the implementation and look at the present provisions of the Maharashtra Public University Act, 2016 and recommend suggestions that will be in line with the New Education Policy.

The Maharashtra Public University Act, 2016 that came into impact amid the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rule includes a provision whereby each university will be governed by the Vice-Chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor, dignitaries of resources, and seven directors. Besides, there will be a registrar, finance and accounts officer, and Director of sub-campuses of the university. A system has been put in place to allow approval to new colleges. It’ll offer a letter of internet for the first year amid colleges will have to complete infrastructure building and creation of facilities. After the new college has been examined for offices, the university will at that point grant permission to run such colleges.

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The Government points to make essential changes in the education system which can promote research and development and be job-oriented. Further, it is additionally vital to plan changes keeping students at the Centre. The committee has been shaped to study the provisions of the New Education Policy and the proposition made by (UGC) and the All India Technical Education Council to improve the education standard.