The Maharashtra Government is set to launch Project Platina, a plasma treatment trial on COVID-19 patients, as contaminations proceed to rise. The trial, supposedly the “world’s largest”, is set to begin at 12.30 pm on June 29. The respiratory sickness caused by the coronavirus, the healing plasma treatment, an exploratory treatment, is another best for extreme cases, the report said.

Project Platina will be the “World’s largest trial and hence will give robust data regarding the role of convalescent plasma in the treatment of COVID-19 patients”, the government said. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has affirmed Rs 16.65 crore from the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for the project.

Twenty-one centres have been picked for the trial, counting 17 medical colleges under the department of medical education and drugs, the government of Maharashtra, and four BMC medical colleges in Mumbai. At first, the project will be launched in 13 centres, the report said.

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Critical patients will receive two measurements of 200 ml of plasma recovered from COVID-19 patients. Plasma, which is the fluid portion of the blood, will have antibodies to the coronavirus, in this manner battle the disease, the report said. The treatment will be free of cost and there are enough donors for the trial.