Mumbai: As all the states are adequately battling with the supply of COVID-19 vaccines, Maharashtra has crossed the 1 crore mark nationwide across the nationwide vaccination drive. Maharashtra has moreover topped the total vaccination count in India.

Meanwhile, asserting that the ‘Tika Utsav’, a vaccination drive between April 11 and 14, marks the starting of the second big war on COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday made a few recommendations to people on handling the virus and encouraged them to focus on personal and social hygiene.

In a statement, he urged people to keep four things in mind, including “each one, vaccinate one”, “each one, treat one” and “each one, save one”.“Elderly people or those who may not be much educated should be helped in getting the vaccine, he said, also asked people to assist those COVID-19 patients in getting treatment who may lack resources. By wearing masks, people can save themselves and others.” Modi added.

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He has also asked families and members of the society to take the lead in setting up smaller scale control zones in case of anybody getting the virus, saying this is often an imperative way to battle the disease in a thickly populated country like India.

As per the data, Maharashtra has inoculated 1,00,38,421 people from January 16 till April 11. On April 10, the state gave jabs to 2,82,944 people through 2,849 centres.