Mumbai: The Maharashtra Government on Thursday implied that it was prepared to offer free Covid-19 antibodies to the public in the event that the Centre did not give these for complimentary. Minister of Public Health Rajesh Tope said that there’s a demand to the Central government to provide the Covid vaccine to people free of cost. Even it doesn’t, consider giving it at no cost in the state.

Tope said the Central Government’s decision on giving antibodies would be executed in Maharashtra. He emphasized that indeed in the event that the Centre would not allow the dosages free of cost, the state Government would not shrug off its obligation towards the people of the state. However, he demanded that the State Government craved that the Centre give the vaccine without any charge.

 “If the Centre gives its gesture by the conclusion of this month to carry out mass Covid-19 vaccinations at that point around three crore people could be given the vaccine in the state in the first round,’’ he said. “We are right now planning to manage the antibody to around three crore people,” he included. Medical workers, doctors, frontline workers, people over 50 years of age, and those with co-morbidities but below 50 years of age, then the figure would be around three crore in the state. These people will get the vaccine in the first round.

Tope explained the three-phased vaccination strategy. “The first phase is of training. We are aggressively working on training health workers. Around 18,000 are completing the process of training. The second phase is fulfilling the cold chain requirements for vaccine storage and the third is logistics, including the vaccine price and other things,’’ he said.

According to Tope, every person chosen for vaccination in the first round will get an SMS on his or her mobile number. The person will have to wait at the office for 30 minutes after receiving the dosage. All these strategies will be strictly followed at the centres.

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The committee has said health workers from government and private hospitals, salaried workers, and employees from the Integrated Child Development Project will be among the first to induce their shots. The second group includes frontline workers including disaster management volunteers from state and Central police, equipped action forces, home guards, civil security agencies, and civil representatives. The third group includes people over the age of 50 and those with health issues. As many as 16,245 employees and 90,000 beneficiaries have been registered on the government’s Co-vin portal.