Recent UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency data witnessed India for the first time London’s third-largest international student market with a growth of 34%. Since 2011-12, this is the highest count of Indian students in London. As per experts, the major spike may be due to the current changes in the visa regulations which are permitting overseas students to start for a longer time to seek employment.

For about a decade, the number of Indian students getting to the UK each year had been sliding. In any case, the trend switched in 2017-18, with 19,750 Indian students progressing to the UK. Typically a noteworthy bounce back from 16,550 has been seen in the previous year. This also coincided with the number of tier 4 visas allowed to Indian nationals climbing up 33% to 18,735 within the year ending September 2018, as per the UK home office data. At its crest, in 2010-11, up to 39,090 Indian students had selected in colleges in the UK. Indians understudy enrollments in UK colleges are picking up once more. Ren Ovung, Annual Report Writer at UNICEF commented excitedly, “Great news! It’s all about being in the right place and at the right time. Being an Indian student pursuing my master’s in 2013, it was perhaps, one of the most unpleasant periods for foreign students, especially for non-EUs in the UK. I would like to see universities and representatives of UK institutions providing realistic representations and possibilities for Indian students – I hope these “new changes” are attainable for deserving students.”

Statistics show that over half of the Indian students were pursuing post-graduate degrees in the last academic year.

Statistics show that over half of the Indian students were seeking after post-graduate degrees in the last academic year.

Photo Credit: Higher Education Statistics Agency

Alan Preece, Director Training Center Evolution and Growth at Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) stated, “The surge in applications from India to the UK seems to be gathering pace.  Up to date data is limited but there may be early signs that this will disrupt some of the established patterns in university growth.  It’s speculative but worth considering.”

While Shael Sharma, Communicator, Kravmaga and Iyengar Yoga Teacher has brought forth a completely different perspective, How many such students are employable ? Most come back after spending a lot of money with education loans, with nothing to show for it! Students and parents must consider placement record of UK Universities!” International Educationalist, Marty Bennett agreeing on the same fact said, “Why are Indian students returning to the UK as a study destination? Job prospects are on the rise there. Amazing to see this change after almost a decade of declines.”

Seeing student’s growing interest in business, finance, computer science, engineering and biosciences, colleges are making special efforts. Vice-chancellor Ian Greer said that the pool of Indian candidates to Queen’s College in Belfast has grown 40% every year. So they are investigating tie-ups with Indian colleges, universities offering joint PhDs and more. Essex Commerce School is offering MBA scholarships to Indian students.

Whereas India ought to give practical advice when it comes to securing education loans to finance one’s education overseas, paying off an education loan with a nominal compensation could prove detrimental to an individual’s well-being. However, it frequently happens that positive information is reflected whereas information that captures unfavourable results is cast away. So it’s all about being reasonable and starts in the right place and at the correct time.