Depositors are Hording to Vashi’s APMC Police Station, utmost around 190 complaints were filed in the past 5 days against the owners of Goodwin Jewellers. Goodwin Jewellers have shut all the shops across Maharashtra.

On social media, a video of the owners is doing rounds where they assure the investors that their money is safe and will be returned soon. “The total amount of non-remittance of Vashi showroom is Rs 1 crore”, Sources said. “Daily 3-4 complaints are being registered at APMC Police Station”, they further added.

Many of them had invested in Fixed Deposit (FD) schemes that guaranteed an interest rate of about 16% and schemes were customers could buy gold at a later date.

The jewellery chain had employed nearly 15 (women) And 15 (Men and Women) in Virar and Vashi respectively.

One more message was circulated which stats that it would take about 3-4 years to settle the issue if cases are being filed and if the promoters are arrested now, it would be tough to repay the investors.

The message accused competition for the also stated that customers have proofs of the investments (documents), and many people were filing cases considering the safety of their investments.

Since last week, the brother duo A.M. Sunilkumar and A.M. Sudheeshkumar, who are also brothers hailing from Thrissur in Kerala are making a run from police.FIRs were filed against the owners at Dombivli, Naupada in Thane, Palghar and Vashi among others accusing them of cheating and criminal breach of trust .The case was handed over to the Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Thane, on Tuesday.