Ever wished to be Harry Potter in real life? Then this day should be one of the most awaited day of yours. Smoke And Mirrors Day is the day which is celebrated by United Nation all over the world on 29th march. This day is dedicated to the art of fraudulent cunning. The phrase  ‘It’s all smoke and mirrors’ refers to the way in which magicians use all manner of distraction to make sure the audience fails to see what’s really going on. The more complex the artifice, the more successfully the magician will get away with it.

Example of smoke and mirrors is ‘Legalese’, that incredibly complex language that lawyers use to make sure that no-one else understands what’s happening. Not only Lawyers but also politicians are using this trick too.

Satish Deshmukh, Belapur based renowned illusionist briefs that, “Magic happens in every moment of your life. Illusion helps everywhere, there is illusion is in everyone’s mind. We have to understand the relationship between reality and illusion, once you understand it you start your journey towards the right thing”. He added that,” Illusion is not materialist it happens in your mind. Magic is not what I am showing on stage, magic is what I am achieving and creating for others”. He concluded by quoting “I love this life as an illusionist and shall die as illusionist”.

On this International Smoke and Mirrors Day, Pravin Sonawane, Nerul based magician share some secret tricks with us.


MAGIC: A rupee in a cap becomes two.
SECRET: There is already a rupee in it, one side of the coin is black so people will not notice that already there are two coins in it. So while you are showing audiences the other coin make sure to show the black side downwards and other side upwards.


MAGIC: If you keep your hand on a coin it will magically become two.
SECRET: It is a coin which has a secret way to place another coin inside it, cleverly separated it in front of audiences by distracting the audiences and when u separate the coin place hand above the coin slide it inside and boom it has become single coin again.


MAGIC: Coin on your hand will automatically transfer in match box.
SECRET:  It is magnetic matchbox which attracts coin under the bottom of the box that means there is already a coin inside the box but audiences don’t know that. Distract the audiences and beat the match box and put the coin inside your pocket. Now open the match box and show the audiences the coin which is inside the match box.

What are you waiting for? Celebrate this day by tricking and make people dumbstruck.