For Potato chips lovers there is one more reason to smile and have a crunchy bite of potato chips because today is potato chip day. Potato Chips is loved worldwide .Everybody enjoys having potato chips but they are not aware of how it was invented.

On August 24, 1853 at Saratoga Springs ,an unhappy restaurant customer complained about potatoes being too thick and soggy. Chef George Crum decided to slice the potatoes as thin as possible(initially as a joke) and he fried them until crisp and added extra salt, Surprisingly customers loved them and it became a snack which has millions of fans.

We spoke to various chip lovers and asked them about their favorite flavor:

Nupur, an Engineer by profession share her love for potato chips by describing that she loves potato chips but prefer Spicy and Cream and Onion Flavor. Lays is her favorite brand.

Hemangi, an Marketing intern prefer the classic potato flavor and her favorite brand is also Lays.

Suvidha, Graphic Designer by professional loves spicy and sweet flavor, she prefers Lays over any brand.

Aman, a Digital Marketing professional is a die-hard fan of classic salted and tangy tomato flavor, Lays is her favorite brand.

Bhagyashree, a Webster by professional is not a fan of classic salted but loves sweet flavor like cream and onion. Different from others,her favorite brand is Balaji.

So why are you waiting to celebrate this day, Grab your favorite chips and enjoy it while watching your favorite movie or while hanging out with friends.