It is rightly said that if you don’t kill it, it will kill you. This phrase for the pollution control that if not controlled pollution could wipe out whole human existence

 Navi Mumbai is known to be the cleanest and greenest and ranks seventh in Swachh Bharat mission, but they are still maintaining the pollution rates in the industrial areas by taking various effective measures to retain the integrity of the physical, chemical and biological elements of ecosystem. On the other hand Mumbai is brimming with hazardous chemicals and lacks cleanliness. Major initiative which blew the eyes of people was cleaning marine drive, as about nine tonnes of trash was collected. Inspite of all the initiatives people are still not aware and educated about the catastrophic aftereffects. Delhi is recorded to be the most polluted city around the globe. Commoners in Delhi have to wear masks and even buy oxygen cylinders for survival. This shows where our capital city stands.

2nd December is observed as National Pollution Control day to raise awareness about the pressing issue that is pollution it is for the remembrance of the victims who had lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy on December 2 1984. Controlling pollution is not circumstantial anymore it has become necessity. Pollution control needs to be given priority and has to attended and solved, regionally, city wise, nationally and internationally as soon as possible. In 2015 pollution killed almost 9 million people in the world. WHO data shows that nine out of ten people are breathing pollutants. Breathelife is a joint campaign to mobilize cities and individuals to protect our planet and health from the effects of air pollution.

Now the question arise how to control the pollution??The answer is simple  you can plant saplings at your home, use public transport,  use carpooling , reduce the use of plastic , reduce reuse and recycle. Every small contribution could change the face of tomorrow.

So, what are you waiting for start from Today!!!