In our history there were numerous of atrocious wars that give goose bumps to the civilians even till now. Thousands of people die Hundreds injured, destroying the peace of the world and creating terror in the minds of people. But today countries all over the world are trying to maintain peace with each other despite the differences. Anyone who lived through the twentieth century in America never forgot the wrath created by the World War II and specially the attack on Pearl Harbour.

7th December is observed as National Pearl Harbour Day for the remembrance of many American service men, women lost their lives or were injured on this day. Attack on Pearl Harbour Naval base in Hawaii by the Japanese military and air force, led to the official entry of America and truly began the World War II.

According Franklin Roosevelt, then the President of America, “date which will live in infamy”. The surprise attack launched on the harbour by the some 350 Japanese aircrafts sunk poor badly damaged eighteen US naval vessels, including eight battleships, destroyed or damaged 300 aircraft, and killed 2,403 men.

 Americans across then nations were terrified, angered and shocked by the brutality of the Japanese Military. The attack turned the public opinion in favour of entering the Second World War to whom which they were initially against and the United States declared war on Japan on December 8 1941. The allies of Japan- Germany and Italy declared war on United States and United States accepted the war.

The United States Congress in 1991, established the Pearl Harbor Commemorative Medal to mark the 50th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and to be awarded to any veteran of US military and civilians who were present in or around Pearl Harbor during the attack. And every year the U.S. Navy hosts a Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day with the Pearl Harbor survivors, their family members, local dignitaries on the Ceremonial Lawn, in Pearl Harbor visitor centre.

We at News with Chai pay tribute the brave and courageous ones who lost their lives and survived it.