Mumbai: The chief minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, has appealed that instead of keeping a sense of conservation and protection of wildlife limited to wildlife week alone, let us preserve it for a lifetime. Maharashtra celebrates wildlife week between October 1 and 7 for which the chief minister greeted the people of the State and the wildlife related stakeholders.

The chief minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray

Stating that wildlife does not only mean tigers since tiger is just one symbol of it, chief minister said that the jungle is complete when it has tiger and it is necessary for the lifecycle in a jungle to be complete. Creating awareness about the same is important which is done during this week and this awareness as well as sense about the same is preserved by Government through its various important decisions. Chief minister pointed out that this was the intention when Government decided to reserve forest on 800 square kilometres at Aarey.   

Maharashtra’s rich biodiversity

Stating that there are National parks at various places but Mumbai city has Sanjay Gandhi National Park right in the heart of the city, the CM remarked that wildlife including birds, insects, butter-flies and innumerable creatures are there which makes life cycle complete. Stating that his Government was committed to protect this jungle, the CM asserted that the Government has priority of also protecting life cycle and wildlife along the 720 kms of coastline which Maharashtra has.

Let WW not be a mere formality

Uddhav Thackeray expressed confidence that instead of having formality to celebrate such wildlife weeks if we have our involvement in celebrating those, then our life can get a new turn and direction. He further added that we need to accept the very co-existence of wildlife along with our life.

He pointed out that during lockdown we could see many things which otherwise we never could. He said that whether it is chirping of birds which we never could hear due to noise of machines, sparrows which we never see otherwise, we can see a big horizon from the terrace of our homes which otherwise is invisible due to pollution.

Living together is needed

Referring to the ‘My Family My Responsibility’ campaign throughout the state, the CM stated that ‘if family is safe, society would be safe. In the same way, it is important that we protect our life-colleagues living with us in forests. That is the reason a sense for wildlife which is inculcated through wildlife week should not remain only for the week but should become a habit for a lifetime.  Let us commit ourselves to co-existence for increasing the joy of living’.