Mumbai: Elizabeth Warren, US Senator and former Democratic candidate in 2020 United States presidential election has hailed Joe Biden’s choice to choose Senator Kamala Harris as his partner. Indian-origin Senator Harris, a 55-year-old first-term senator is additionally one of the party’s most noticeable figures and rapidly got to be the best contender for No. 2 spot after her own White House campaign ended.

“I have known Kamala for a long time — from when she took on Wall Street during the financial crisis as Attorney General to working for people every day as a US Senator,” Warren said, adding that as a vice presidential nominee, Harris is making history. Warren said that she will do everything in her power to ensure that Biden and Harris are elected in November. “I am so looking forward to seeing Kamala take on Mike Pence on the debate stage,” Warren concluded.

“Kamala Harris will be a great partner to Joe Biden in making our government a powerful force for good in the fight for social, racial, and economic justice,” Warren tweeted along with a detailed statement on the development. Warren, who dropped out of the presidential race in March 2020, said that throughout her career, Harris has been unafraid and an “inspiration to millions of women who see themselves in her.”

Previous President Barack Obama moreover welcomed Biden’s choice saying he had “nailed this choice” in a long clarification. “Directly Joe has a perfect assistant to assist him to handle the especially genuine challenges America faces right by and within a long time ahead,” Obama said, calling Harris “more than organized for the work.”

Former President Barack Obama also welcomed Biden’s decision saying he had “nailed this decision” in a lengthy statement. “Now Joe has an ideal partner to help him tackle the very real challenges America faces right now and in the years ahead,” Obama said, calling Harris “more than prepared for the job.” “We’ll see how she works out. She did exceptionally, exceptionally ineffectively within the primaries as you know. She was anticipated to do well. She finished up at right around two percent,” Trump told media at a White House news conference. Harris had propelled her presidential campaign in January 2019. After starting a few months, her campaign seems not to take off and by the conclusion of the year, she pulled back from the race.

Obama highlighted her personal and professional background, saying: “She’s gone through her career guarding our Structure and battling for people who require a reasonable shake.” In the meantime, US President Donald Trump has said he is shocked that his Democratic party challenger for the presidential elections Joe Biden has named Harris as his running mate in spite of knowing how nasty and disrespectful she has been to him. She is the first person of colour to be chosen on a vice-presidential candidate conjointly as it were the fourth lady and first-ever African American and Indian American to be running for the second-highest political position within the nation.