Amol Sherkar, NewsWithChai, Navi Mumbai, May 10, 2014

The featured photographs are from one of the prominent roads of Navi Mumbai, from Sanpada station to Agricultural Produce Marketing Corporation (A.P.M.C), crossing the fruit and vegetable retail market of Navi Mumbai or the MAFCO on the way. It’s a regular treat for everyone on the way to see and smell the over-flowing trash-cans of the award winning Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

While the report published by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India in 2010, lists Navi Mumbai as the 11th cleanest city of India with a rating of 53.920 points*, the reality seems to be grossly deviating.

Now, before we raise the voice against the government and city administration, if all of us can introspect and look into ourselves and understand the real reasons for the rampant spread of uncleanliness in our surroundings, our words will speak in volumes, our deeds shall shine in the glory and our cities shall be cleansed for once and remain clean for years to come.

This is the guiding philosophy and underlying principle for existence of*, in their own words, is a group of Ugly Indians (the number is growing everyday!) who feel strongly about the state of visible filth in our cities. Their philosophy can be described simply as: Stop Talking, Start Doing. This project is as much about carrying the community along as about coming up with smart ideas that assist the process of change through common-sense problem-solving approach and direct action without finger-pointing or blaming the system. is an anonymous group, targeting visible results with an aim to make a change from within – one that sustains because everyone wants it and is comfortable with it.

Now, if you want to be part of this change process, you know what to do: Kaam chalu mooh bandh!

*Mail the ugly Indians on [email protected] or like their Facebook page
*The writer mailed the for more details but there was only an automated response briefing the initiative details.