The jingle still haunts me. I mean it. Such was the impact of advertisement on me. I get possessed by it and am still. Should I call it, mid-life crisis or immaculate redemption, now-a-days I am being bitten and smitten by the news-bug. And, am loving it!

With nothing to loose and very little at stake, freshly brewed from the ovens of Navi Mumbai, I have emerged into this absolutely wonderful world called news and journalism. In a way, this is a blessing because I can deliver the punch without the pinch-in-the-pocket and savour the adrenaline push every moment of this endeavor, blissfully.

Just at this, meta-physically fine-tuned moment, News With Chai happened to me. The dream run has begun.

Mom with just one tear rolling down her cheek, echoed her blessing “Jiyo Mere Laal”!

Am ready to …Get…Set…Go…

Are you?