ANDHRA PRADESH Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, took a sweet revenge, nearly after a decade, from the top Congress leadership for depriving the CM’s chair after his father’s mysterious death in a chopper crash.

Congress high command led by Sonia Gandhi, had then denied the Chief Minister’s post to YSR’s spouse, this angered Jagan. Both mother-son duo resigned from Congress party and formed the YSR Congress Party on February 16, 2011 and within a decade, he occupied the seat with style by sweeping 151 seats from the house of 175 members.

A bitter Jagan alongwith his mother had vowed never to deal with Congress leadership in the near future and worked hard from scratch all over the state and held several ‘padyatras’ similar to his father, (who too undertook padayatras all over the state) and dented the state which was known as a strong citadel of Congress party.

Immediately, after swearing-in he changed names of previous Babu government’s welfare schemes from NTR to YSR Pension Kanuka (gift) Scheme and hiked it from Rs. 2,000 to Rs.2,250 per month for the elderly persons and also the eligibility age limit has been reduced from 65 to 60 years.The physically disabled will get a pension of Rs 3000, while those suffering from kidney ailments will be given Rs 10,000.

During the last nine years of party’s inception, Jagan, followed his father’s footsteps and established direct contact with the people of the state. During his 14 month long Padayatra covering over 3,500 km through the length and breadth of the state, he assured to give Andhra state a corruption-free governance within six months.

As Jagan, is well aware of the precarious condition of state’s financial condition, he wants to maintain good relation with the Centre led by BJP government. Thus, he also reversed Chandrababu government’s decision of not allowing Central agencies in the state without permissions from the state government. Thus he does not wish to rub the Centre on the wrong side.

As Jagan knows that Chandrababu, has all the capabilities to bounce back, but would like to see that his ambitions are nipped in the bud and this is the right time to have firm grip on the state.

MINISTER SWEARING – He also mooted to increase the districts from 13 to 25 at par with Parliamentary constituencies and is likely to induct around 20 ministers mostly from all the LS constituencies on June 8. As BJP is left high and dry without opening an account in the Lok Sabha poll from the three southern states of Andhra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the party would like to prop up Jagan as they have set an eye towards southern states to spread their base in these regions.

RELATIONSHIP WITH NEIGHBOURS – Jagan, who has seen from close quarter as his father worked during his two-term Chief Ministership, would prefer good relationship with immediate neighbours and he has found KCR of Telangana, who was seen present at the swearing-in-ceremony and also both CMs met Governor.

About the Author: VINOD RAGHAVAN, a Journalist of just over two decades, watches the events from the Side Fence. His first love is Print Media. He was on one foot with India’s Number One News Agency PTI as News Coordinator of Western Region. With changing time he moulded himself with all formats and learned the skills of Digital Media and is trying his hands, while spreading wings to learn the art of web portal writes for NEWS WITH CHAI.