“Disability is a matter of perception”. It is how you as an individual perceive it, nobody can steal away your ability, knowledge and talent. You are limitless!!!

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is observed on 3rd December by the United Nations, with the aim to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of the society and to increase the awareness of the problems faced by them.

Many people living on this earth have disabilities, some are born with it and others acquire it during their lifetime. Dancer turned actor Sudha Chandran lost her leg at a young age. But that did not stop from becoming one of the most versatile Indian classical dancer. She says, “That’s the irony of life an accident so fatal, could be a blessing in disguise”. Disability is one of the main issues because of the stigmas attached to it with considering them as burdens in the society. They face a lot of challenges is in their professional career training and development. Specially abled students face a lot of inferiority complex from other students as they believe they are deprived of something that others have. One of the most inspirational Paralympic medallist Deepa Malik, who stood second in shotput in Summer Olympics at Rio de Janerio said, “My father told me, ‘you are cursing the dark lamp Deepa become the lamp’ ”.

Even after much complications which restrict them physically and mentally, these people challenge themselves to extend their ability and wish to grow and develop like all common people. For them they are not the disabled but the differently abled segment of population. One of the greatest minds in modern science Stephen Hawking said that, “Life .would be tragic, if it weren’t funny”.

The government has launched the ‘Accessible India’ campaign for the differently abled to make India a disabled free country. Initiatives are being taken all around the major cities by building slopes in ticket counters, e-toilets, special coaches in trains for handicaps etc. Almost all the Western and European countries are disabled free, giving the special abled freedom to live their life to the fullest. India is still lagging behind in the expansion of services for the betterment of the specially abled.

So, what can we do to make the day better for the specially abled? By visiting your nearest community centre, helping them and looking at them not with sympathy but with appreciation!!!