Belapur: The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has focused on classifying and collecting the garbage at the same place which is created while moving with the goal of ‘Decided, Number First’.

Two attractive mascots of blue and green garbage have been created for citizens to throw leftover food, fruit bin, leftover vegetables, flower necklaces in green waste as well as dry garbage like paper, rubber, plastic, box, glass, metal in blue garbage. These Mescots are attracting the attention of citizens in uniform places like markets, malls, crowded squares, depots, stations, and these Mescots are easily chatting with citizens, telling them about the importance of garbage classification and encouraging classification

These mascots are attracted especially to the kids company and the kids seem excited to shake hands with them. However, these Mescots only shake hands when children get the right answer by asking information about garbage classification or even if they are given the wrong answer, they smile and shake hands with them by giving the right answer. Good work of cleaning children is being done by this amazing mascot.

While Navi Mumbai’s look is getting more attractive through various mediums like mural paintings, lighting, paintings, fountains, awareness about cleanliness is being raised through different activities like pathanatya, choreography, flash mob. In this, mascots in the form of green and blue garbage cans that determine the attraction of citizens and their children are becoming the attention of them. ‘