Mumbai : As the Chinese intrusion Indians have come up with all possible ways of fighting against threats to motherland standing united and supporting the valor troops protecting us day and night. India has managed to show its power both digital by bringing TikTok’s rating from 4.4 to 1.2 rating out of a 5 point scale in Google play store then government-backed citizens by blocking it along with 58 other applications which have managed to bring in serious fear to Chinese authority as India was a source of profit for their China.

Social media which has always been credited for making users eager to help has now recently seen to bring the attention of pain of families of jawans to higher authorities who are being harassed by civil administrations and other local mafias in their hometown, which even includes harassment of wife of jawan in Muzzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh who is on border duty.

Civil-Military Liaison Conference does take place regularly in cities like Pune, Chandigarh, and others but issues like harassments of jawan’s families by police and other landlords need a dedicated officer who can have a deputy from Central Armed Police Force as paramilitaries are also deployed in harsh terrain ensuring national security and also deployed in internal security.

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A retired Lt.Col ranking who can be equivalent to SP or collector ranking is equivalent along with deputy commandant as staff officer to address both issues faced by serving and retired defense/paramilitary forces region-wise under integrated state Sainik welfare board functioning under the home ministry.